Honda125 Project

The current status of the incremental 125cc concept represents my initial direction of symbolizing unity, integration and personality in a motorcycle. The relationship between the rider and bike in this concept is paramount and is emphasized through bringing the two forms closer together literally and visually. 

The concept aesthetic as a whole is built on the idea of floating panels and dynamic surfaces that are bound together by a unique and identifiable character line. This allows the riders knees to sink right into the profile of the bike and ‘hug’ the fuel-tank and chassis, with the psychological advantage of being less exposed to the road in-case of the bike tipping and sliding in an accident. 

With further development, hollow points in the side fairings may also serve as a functional detail in directing airflow down onto the exhaust for cooling. 

In general, less emphasis is placed on exposing the mechanics of the bike - as it is fundamental for a new generation of riders, that the form is entirely approachable and to a degree - familiar as a motorcycle.

Please view video discussions part 1 & 2 for this concept here: