Honda125 Project

Based on my previous design and ideas discussed throughout the project with Paolo, I was sent an inspiration sketch base done by Paolo himself to use for further development.

I am currently at a turning point in my design where an urgent decision needs to made in order to refine for final presentation. There is every possibility at this stage that my concept to date is still slightly predictable and therefor I am considering starting over with a completely new package, set of controls, the works! However, this is of course time permitting. If at this point we should be moving into detailing, I may have to consider refining what I have here and moving forward as apposed to starting over.

The top image is basically a merge between my initial design intention and the recommendations made by Paolo. Still staying true to my key words and philosophy for the project - however with more focus placed on form communication and detail. This may or may not be in line with my final direction but I am attempting to create more interest in the side view overall.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!